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Marvel Super Hero AND Super Villain Party is HERE!

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The newest addition to the Club Penguin parties is here! This brand new party is cool, and fun, so let's get into all the details!


First you get taken to this room where you choose to be a hero or a villain and you buy your clothes. The coolest part is, even NONMEMBERS for the first time EVER can by citizen clothes! This is a major step in letting non-members and members be more equal :)



Non-member items:


Member Clothes



There are signs posted around the island like this where it can take you straight to either sides' lair :)



The town; looking snazzy as always ;)



The Coffee Shop, you can get a free background if you press the camera :)



And the Book Room is transformed into the Club Penguin Times office :) This is where it all happens lol



The Snow forts don't look like the Snow Forts. Instead a burning building is here and members can go into it and stop the robot attack :) I'll show you that later



The Plaza



Where the Stage should be is a police department. Haha! The ladder in the back leads to the super villain lair, the control pannel at the bottom is like the switchbox 3000 which makes stuff move, and once again if you click on the camera you recieve a mug shot background.



The pizza parlor is still the pizza parlor, but has an added bank to the bottom. I've never been to a pizza place with a bank before. Have you? haha. Anyways, you can "break into" the vault and get a free money bag. I'm sure a police officer will catch you and bring you to jail. lol




And the Iceberg is a giant map of CP :) I'm sure you could do some major plotting with your side here!



Oh yea! I almost forgot about the burning building. Members can go up here and defeat the bot! With your super-charged gloves, throw snowballs at the targets if you are good, if you are evil throw super-charged snowballs into the bucket. You have two minutes to defeat this guy! Good luck!



Well that's basically it for this party! I enjoyed being black widow for some time, but I think I like the Music Jam better :) Change is good though haha!


Wadle on CPL!




#4 Kuzon5120 2012-07-21 19:01
Cool, well that partys gone!!! I. I Didn't see the new one though.
#3 juan 2012-07-21 16:58
oi club penguin eu do assinatura
#2 juan 2012-07-21 16:55
oi do club penguin eu assinatura
#1 Rubbatubby8 2012-07-09 07:40
Hey! Tis Rubbatubby8! haven't been on if FOREVER. :-)

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