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Adventure Party! Coming to a CP near you on Aug. 23!

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Haha! Anyways, Rockhopper is in the telescope coming pretttttttyyyyy close! So pumped for him!

In adition there is a new log in screen advertising for the next party!

ANDDDD on the What's new blog, the CP team posted a sneak peek of the Fruit somthing haha. Looks like Rockhoppers ship? Any ideas of what this is?
Seems pretty cool! What do you think this party will be like?
Waddle On CPL!


#4 kkkk 2013-03-18 13:32
hi :-)
#3 farah 2012-11-25 07:03
1: Post this on three clubpenguincp pages
2: Press f12 8 times
3: Log onto Club Penguin
4: Go to the bottom of the servers and press Enter 5 times
5: Press f5 twice
6: You will receive 9,999,999,999,9 99 coins, 55 puffles, 5 of 55 puffles rainbow, and unlimited free membership!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
#2 By CutiePie 2012-11-11 06:57
You Need To Update! U Havent been On For Months! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE !
#1 Tommy302 2012-11-03 16:37
This Is Weird Its The Blackout Party Now!! Now Post It Like And Clubpenguincp.c om And Monchocho And Clubpenguin Saraapril .com And Clubpenguin Times! That's Why People Don't Go Here After You Finish. (Just Go To Monchcho And Write this Clubpenguinland .com Here. I Know We Post Old Party's And Stuff So We Post New Stuff! So Go To Clubpenguinland .com And See! Okay Guys

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