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Club Penguin Penguin Play Awards

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The Penguin Play Awards is in the stage and is for members only. Instead of having one room, it has two: a backstage and a stage. You can meet Aunt Arctic, Penguin Band, Candence, and Gary the Gadget Guy . These penguins are also known as "The special guests". They usually come backstage or are on the stage. You can find the backstage by clicking the exit sign in the right hand corner when you are in the stage. When you get in the back stage, there is a trophy pedestal with trophies on it. If you walk over to the trophy pedestal you will get a trophy. The main servers that the famous special guests are on are Frozen, Mammoth, and Blizzard. Sometimes these servers are full. THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN THAT A SPECIAL GUEST IS ON THAT SERVER!!! Try to look for servers that are almost full, but that are usually not full. If someone in that room says " GARY IS ON MAMMOTH!!!", don't always go on that server. Look at their background first. Sometimes people do this as a trick. When you are in a room with a special guest, click on them. Then click the box on the left hand corner, and you can receive their background. Here are some pictures of the stage:


Inside the stage

Image of the stage in Club Penguin

The Backstage

Image of the back stage in Club Penguin


There are also some stage catalog secrets. Here they are:


The Penguin Play Awards Background

Image of a hidden item in Club Penguin Image of a hidden item in Club Penguin

Cheap Time Travel Hat

Image of a hidden item in Club Penguin Image of a hidden item in Club Penguin

Squzoid Costume

Image of a hidden item in Club Penguin Image of a hidden item in Club Penguin


Pretty cool huh? Cool enough for you? Are you lovein' the stage? Well I am! There are some rumors that the Sensei is going to be coming around. Do you think it's true?



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