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No New Upgrades Today (yet but a cool new cover page)

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Ok, geez what is up with the late timing on Club Penguin? Well today Club Penguin said that they were going to come out with two game upgrades, and a new pin. Well they got the pin part out, but not the upgrades. :-(

Well, there is some good news (about the Medieval Party)! When you go to log in to Club Penguin, they have a picture of the Forest. If you were at the Medieval Party last year, you would know that there was a hangout in a tree house in the Forest. I'm PRETTY sure that the Club Penguin Team is going to come out with it again. :-)


See the treehouse? Yea. Sorry about the upgrades guys. I WILL be watching it throughout the day (but PLEASE comment when it is out!!)

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