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Earth Day Party Cheats And Surprises!

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Hey Sk8tergrl483 here to give you the tour of the Earth Day Party:


So first were going to start with the scavenger hunt. There's different pieces of garbage hidden around the island. I think this takes the place of the Easter egg hunt that we missed. So here's where all of the garbage is:

1. The first peice is in the Coffee Shop, the coffee cup on top of the tree

2. The second piece of garbage is in the Pet Shop, the old puffle 'O box on the ground

3. The third piece of garbage is the barrel behind the tree on the bottom right side of the cove

4. The fourth item is the Hot Sauce container in the Dojo Courtyard on top of the leaded near the Ninja Hideout

5. The fifth item is the bag of coffee beans in the Book Room on top of the book shelf

6. The sixth item is the news paper in the Forest near the back trees (its behind a bush)

7. The seventh item is the pizza box in Ski Village on the inner tubes outside of the sports shop

8. The last item is the barrel outside the Mine next to the mine carts


That's it for the scavenger hunt. Then go to the recycling room and start recycling!

Next I'll do the free items. The one and only free item is outside the mine. It is the straw hat. Here's how to find it:

1. Go to the Mine

2. Look right next to the side of the Mine

3. Click on the box of hats


You have now found the straw hat! With this if you dance and have it one alone, you water the garden, which grows food that you store in the shed! It's pretty cool. Try it yourself!


Next we'll go onto the other surprises:

- You can go to the Mine through the Forest!

- Throw snowballs into the green bucket and it makes water for the garden!


Well, that's about it! Check it out yourself.



#1 bubba 2010-04-24 06:42
that was awsome anks!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

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