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Medeival Party Ye Knight's Quest 1

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Hey guys! It's Sk8tergrl483 giving you the information to pass the daring Ye Knight's Quest 1. Just letting you know right now that this is JUST for Quest 1 ONLY! If you want the cheats for Quest 2, you can go here. You will also need to be a member... So with that, let's get started!


First, go to the Town, and click on the sign at the bottom of the screen. Click go there to begin you're quest!

You will end up at the pool. Go through the entrance that says "Ye Knight's Quest And Princesses Too!" You MUST bee a member to go throuh the gate, or it will not open.



Then once you're inside the cave, you knotice that you're in this room with orbs, platforms and other stuff. This part is the easiest part in the entire quest. Just go up to a platform and the orb will light up. Light up all the orbs, and the door will open. Go through  the door to continue with your quest.



Then you are in a room with targets, and wait what's that? A free item? Oh yea get that first. It's the Staff and Shield. Also at the end, you will have a full suit of armor. I'll show you a picture at the end.



As I was saying, what you have to do, is throw snowballs at the targets. You must hit 50 of them in order to go throuh the gate. I would suggest that you go on a busy server and do it with other penguins so that the gate goes up quicker. then go through the gate.



Then you are inside a room with yet another free item. This one is the Iron Helmet. Go ahead and pick one up. Who's a knight without a helmet?



Then there's a maze. Lot's of penguins get lost, so I'm going to help you. Here's where you need to go:









After you complete the maze, you are at the end. You have made it! Go accept your free item: The Iron Armour!


Didn't I promise you a picture of the whole suit together? Well here it is:



Yup I look funny in armor don't I? lol. Next up is the "Ye Knight's Quest 2!"



#3 tristan 2012-05-22 10:08
how dou get the armour without a membership????? ??
#2 tristan 2012-05-22 10:08
how dou get the armour without a membership????? ??
#1 Sara15936 2011-02-25 20:22
give me a suit now pigtales

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