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Medieval Party Ye Knight's Quest 2

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Hey guys! It's Sk8tergrl483 giving you the information to pass the daring Ye Knight's Quest 2. Just letting you know right now that this is JUST for Quest 2 ONLY! If you want the cheats for Quest 1, you can go here. You will also need to be a member... So with that, let's get started!


First, go to the Town, and click on the sign at the bottom of the screen. Click go there to begin you're quest!


You will end up at the pool. Go through the entrance that says "Ye Knight's Quest 2" You MUST bee a member to go through the gate, or it will not open.


When you go through the gate, you will end up in a room with fire, statues, and hot sauce? LOL! What you need to do is throw three snowballs at each statue with a torch to put it out. The the gate will open, and you can go through!

nights10-2-quest1 nights10-2-quest2

You are in a room with a puzzle. Just saying each one is different, so there's no whay I could help you. It's quite simple, just move the key over to the lock. Then go through the entrance the puzzle was covering



This room has no puzzles in it, but a free item. It's the Noble Horse. Hey is that cardboard? lol.Go through the gate once you have it.



You are now in a room with a what? A DRAGON!!! AHHHH!! Lol, but yea it's a dragon. What you do to defeat the dragon is throw snowballs into the barrel until it's full. Then press the red button on the hose to shoot the water at the dragon! You need to do this 3 times. Then the gate will open. Go through to the next room.



Go into the next room and there's GOLD! What else is in here? Coffee? A toothbrush? How random with the toothbrush lol. There's two free item's in here. One is the toothbrush pin, which is over in the corner, and the other one is dragon's gold, which is a furniture item, and it's free. You can have as much of it as you want! lol



Well that's it for Ye Knight's Quest 2. What was your favorite part about the quest? Mine was probably the time when we squirted the dragon with water!




#2 phoebe23366 2011-05-22 05:09
how do you get past the 3 dragons in qwuest 3 ?
#1 honey bee loves u babe 2010-05-08 23:54

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