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Adventure Party 2011 Is HERE now!

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I've been waiting so long for this party to happen. I just LOVE dressing up as a mermaid or being a pirate and hunting down Rockhopper and Yarr (: There's so many fun things to do while online too :D When you first log it, there's a special welcoming sign to the party!


Let's see all the beautifully decorated rooms:

Ski Village



The Beach



The Dock



The Town



The Night Club



The Snowforts



And we were all curious where this mysterious button would take us... Adventure Party 2011 Sneak Peek By Happy77



It takes us to the plaza! That was wierd...



The pizza parlor!



Pizza time!



The Forest



The Hidden Lake



The Treetops (members only)



This boat (beach) takes you to the blue side of the battleships:



This boat (cove) takes you to the red side of the battleships :D



And here are the battleships



So what do you think? Do you think CP could've done better? Leave me your responses in a comment! There's a lot more to this party to which is why I am leaving a link collection below of past Adventure Parties, and stuff from the current adventure party



Link Collection:


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And the WInning pin is....

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Coming Up in June 2010

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Adventure Party 2011 Cream Soda Scavendur Hunt Cheats (:




#1 Crazyp01 2011-07-27 21:52
Hey guys i’ve got a glitch for you, post this on five different places on this website then log on to club penguin. When it says loading inventory press F1 F2 F3 then press shift and you should have 90000.0000 coins and 5 years of membership it realy works trust me ten people used it and they’re so happy! Trust me it works for real

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