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Series 11 Tresure Book!

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Woot Woot! New treasure catalog is out! Let's see what cheats... oops I mean CHEAT we have :/



Here's how to find the Recycle T-shirt:


1. Go to the Toys part of CP

2. Click on View the Tresure Catalog

3. Go to the third page

4. Click on the Lighthouse




You have now found the Recycle T! Funny have there's less and less cheats right?



#4 lizzie67231 2011-06-03 22:59
do have to have a club penguin toy to get to it?
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#3 Destiny8879 2011-04-16 21:42
u find it in the club penguin toy section scroll down and click on treasure books.then u will find series 1 to 12.hope i helped u guys!!!
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#2 jman1919 2011-01-08 17:15
ya where did u get it?
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#1 zver00x 2010-12-26 00:28
Wher did you get thet book?
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