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The Easter Basket Pin!

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Happy Easter Weekend everyone! This week, the Club Penguin Team, gave the island an Easter feel to it. Adding to this, they added a new pin!


If you go to the forest over by the rock, you will see the Easter Basket Pin!



Enjoy your Easter!




#2 Gator36o 2012-05-06 17:54
Hi, I was wondering what the requirements for your blogroll are? My aite is upand coming but I do not have many hits. Just tell me the requirements and I will try to reach them
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#1 fox town 2012-05-01 21:55
CLUB PENGUIN IS AWESOME but there should be more places to go
like there is still some spots that are perfect for a new area like a ruins or new type of game like the epf or ninja stuff like that or a second town or just a cool spot to hang out at
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