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Club Penguin Padlock Pin Cheat

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Club Penguin came out with a great new padlock pin. Here's the pin cheat.


This is what the padlock pin looks like.  It's blue and looks like a combination lock.


Padlock Pin Cheat

Padlock Pin Cheat


Here's how to find it


  1. Go to the Town
  2. Go to the Coffee Shop
  3. Go to the top of the Coffee Shop, also known as the Book Room
  4. Go to the left side of the room

Padlock Pin Cheat Found

Padlock Pin Cheat Found


Cool pin!



#12 apples 2011-01-16 23:20
cool pin huh
#11 apples 2011-01-16 23:20
cool pin huh
#10 google 2010-10-10 18:47
cool,I found it on google .
#9 Chris 2010-06-15 14:55
Thanks, I love it!!!!
#8 lillian 2009-10-17 07:53
these are horrible!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
#7 kaleigh 1997 2009-10-13 12:37
#6 Someone you dont know... 2009-10-04 08:37
This pin was the worst pin you could get. Total opposite of Supercalafragel isticexpialidoc iouseventhought hesoundofitwass omethingquiteat trocious.
#5 tiffanybb 2009-10-03 22:52
i new thoes
#4 kaleigh 1997 2009-09-28 03:43
#3 kaleigh 1997 2009-09-27 14:58
this is not my favorite pin either

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