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Beta Testing For Rollerscape?

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If you don't already know Happy 77 on youtube posted a couple weeks ago about this new game (Still in beta testing) for rollerscape. Well I have found a cheat where YOU can be a beta tester too! Here's how to do it... First go here and click on this:



It will take you here



Plug in YOUR OWN penguin and password :)



Now you are on the beta testing site!



Here's a list of commands you can put into the search bar above :)



now for playing Rollerscape type this in:



And this pops up!



Now here you can rate, and give feedback to the CP team :) Here you can also play the game :)

Here's the instructions :)



level select:



and here's me playing it :D



Now this is totally free and legal :) Please go and try it! It's behind the scenes and so exclusive :) Your playing a game before it even comes out! Please go and try it :) Have fun:)



#2 Lollamepen 2011-05-05 04:18
I cant get the puffle O!!! I think it's glitched 0.0 for me!
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#1 Bttf2 2011-05-04 19:29
Sooooooo cool
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