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Club Penguin Times Issue #303

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Awesome Adventuring Ahead!


Starting August 25, even experienced athletes will need to watch their step! We interviewed one excited climber for details:'Last year, parts of the mountain were for members only. This time it's open to everybody! I wonder what kind of race we're racing! Maybe it's a race to the top," said the mountaineer. "Or a quick slide to the bottom? Hey maybe it's both! All I know is if it's like last year's expedition, we've got an extreme peak face-off ahead of us! My advice? bring along some buddies. Friends can help you solve tough puzzles, and keep you in tip top condition."  So strap on your helmet and lace up your boots because the Great Snow Race begins August 25!


Intense Athletes!


Rumors about the Great Snow Race are heating up! Two sled racers were stoked to talk to us about mastering the Sled Racing! "It helps to have the right equiptment," said one sled racer. "Check out the sled racing catalog while you're up on Ski Hill. Members can pick the sled or toboggan that suits their style. Me i like the pink racing sled. The bright neon totally distracts other racers!"

"yea dude," said the other racer. "Then you gotta practice practice practice,cause i feel like something BIG is coming for the Great Snow Race. "



And the upcoming events!



So are you super stoked for the Great Snow Race? I'm ready! Bring on the challenges CP bring it on :D




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