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Club Penguin Times Issue #304!

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Workers Needed in the Ski Village!



Construction Crews are working hard in the Ski Village. The Club Penguin Times caught up with Gary outside the Everyday Phoning Facility.

"The Great Snow Race is a large scale operation," said Gary. "That means we need everyone's help. Construction of the Air Conditioner 3000 is extremely important. We simply cannot succeed without it. Freezing temeratures are of the upmost importance," said Gary. "Especially if we want a high velocity sled track! The island must prepare for extreme events of August 25th!"


EPF Announcement


Greetings Citizens,


Do not be alarmed. To keep this message from falling into the 'wrong paws' It has been sprayed with powerful fish oil. I am speaking to you publically because the EPF needs your help. Simply put, we require more agents for an assignment of the utmost importance. Details of the assignment must remain classified, but it's success depends on you. To protect the island you must answer the call. Interested citizens must report to the Everyday Phoning Facility. Thank you for your time. -The Director


But..... if you click on the EPF symbol you get this:



Agents! The comm app still isn't secure. Here are your orders for the upcoming opperation:


1. Track Herbert's location (done)

2. Blast location with cold air (should put him into hibernation)

3. Infiltrate Herbert's lair

4. Capture Herbert once and for all.


-The director

Wow! What a good idea! Now for the upcoming events:






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