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Club Penguin Times #305

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The Great Snow Race Is On!




Turbo-charged races are here!We spoke with one athlete halfway up the toughest mountain."I hiked straight up from the Ski Village,"said one stoked sledder."This sled racing run is the freshest trike I've ever seen!The AC 3000 must have frozen the whole mountain."

"That's why the new sled racing run looks super slippery,"said the sledder."To get a handle on the track, I am watching other racers compete.""I am going to climb up and check it out... as soon as i finish this fish dog!" Head to the Ski Village to begin your race to the top. The Great Snow Race speeds on until August 30!


EPF Says "Remain Calm"




Last week the Club Penguin Times printed an urgent message for the Director  of the Eliete Penguin Force. To get some answers, we spoke with Rookie, the public relations officer for the EPF. "Oh, you meant the island. Oh,well, its going to be safe.""Wait, that's classified! Uh-Oh Jet Pack Guy said I should stick to the script." "Ok,here it goes.Citizens of Club Penguin: remain calm!The EPF has everything under control! "Well, we could us more agents.Operation: Hibernation is a REALLY big deal!" "Oh no, forget what I just said." "Um, if you think you'd be good at protecting the island-please report to the Every Day Phoning Physicality." "Thanks everyone! I've got to go climb the mountain now!"


Upcoming Events:




Now: The Great Snow Race-race to the top of the toughest mountian!

Sep.1: Pay Day!-The checks in the mail for Tour Guides!

Sep.1: Penguin Style Catalog-Step right up! Get your fair costumes in the Gift Shop!

Sep.8:Fair furniture arrives in the Better Igloos Catalog

Find the collectible pins! Hidden now until September 7

Next pins hidden- September 8-21


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