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Club Penguin Times Issue #306

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The Island Is Safe!



Last week, agents carried out a mission only know as Opperation: Hibernation. To find out more, we spoke with the EPF's public relations officer, Rookie. "The Director told me to say,'Excellent work everyone!' Hey, thanks Director! I tried really, really hard."

"Sorry about giving away so much classified information last week. But now that Herbert is captured, we don't need to worry! Um, never mind. We've earned a break with all our hard work! Let's head to the Gift Shop and celebrate with Fair Costumes! Someone hand me a Rooster Costume!"


Fair Costumes Out Now!



"This year's Fair is going to be HUGE," said one party planner. "I'd tell you more but these cows keep interupting me..." "MOO" interuppted a cow. "See what I mean?" said the party planner. "Moo!" said the cow. "Umm anyways, we're planning something Big for the bumper cars," said the party planner. "Moo?" said the cow. "Yes there will be something for cows too," said the party planner. "Moo, moo moo MOO!" "I think she's excited for the fair," said the party planner. "After all, the festival starts September 22!"


Upcoming Events:




September 8: Better Igloo's catalog

September 15: Party starts setting up, Fairy fables begins :)

September 22: Fair time :D New Pin.


Wow! CARS? Gotta go get me one ;-)



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