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Music, And Igloo Updates!!!

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Today, we get new igloo music. There are four new songs: Viking Opera, Mountain Dojo, Silly To Funky, and Planet Y. No big woop though, although I'm thinking of putting "Silly To Funky" in my igloo... it sounds cool.


Also for your igloo, there's a new igloo catalog, but there are no new igloos... just new flooring, and this weird furniture item. Here is the new flooring names: Sand Floor (It makes your room look like a beach), Archaeologist Dig Deal (This is the weird furniture item) and, Dirt And Leaves ( This one doesn't look too pretty).


Well... no big woop today. I mean usually we get clothing catalogs. Oh well... not today ;-). Oh yea, and make sure to check out the DJ3K and it's new tunes (But i don't think there is anything new)


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