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Field Op #51 Cheats

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Field Op 51 came out today! :) Heres is what you haveto do.......



It says: Herbert remains safely in custody, so training can continue. This week, Dot has arranged a Stealth task. She has thrown a micro-transmitter into the water. Work together to find its signal, and then crack its code.


Now go to the Hidden Lake and stand by the first waterfall.





Then your phone will ring and you have to crack the code.:








Once you figure it out, this will pop up.....




It says:

Agent, that was perfect! Very subtle and focused! These skills will come in handy for uncover Stealth agents. And for supporting your squad. Remember Tech agents, Comm agents and Tatical agents bring their own strenghts to the field.


And now you completed #51 field Op :)

You can go and buy cool items with the metals you have earned, or you can save them up for more items!





#1 Piky97975 2011-10-16 08:28
What is the code?
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