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Club Penguin Times Issue #314

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Creepy Casting Call!



Filming of Night of the Living Sled: Live! Has begun at the Stage. "Shooting a remake of this cult classic is a dream come true," said the movie's director. "But right now it seems more like a nightmare. My crew keeps running away! In fact, the Living Sled is the only one left on set!"

"The whole crew's been scared away by the Living Sled," said the movie's director. "And there's still a lot more to film! To pull this off we need actors, caterers, make-up artists, hairdressers, extras - a full movie crew! If anyone is reading this right now, please audition at the stage. We need talent!"


New Game For Puffles!


Pufflescape is coming! Construction workers are helping puffles build a new game in the pet shop. "We're digging a puffle-shaped tunnel into the underground," said one construction worker. "Once we're done, puffles can start racing through the underground caves! And begin exploring exciting new terrain. My puffle can't wait. I think he can smell all the puffle O's down there!" Help with construction now - Pufflescape rolls into the Pet Shop on November 3rd!


And the Upcoming events:



Now! Scavendure Hunt!

November 3rd: Pufflescape, Penguin Style Catalog, Halloween Winners, New Pin!




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