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Club Penguin Times Issue #318

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Let The Battle Begin!



The Card-Jitsu Party has begun! The island is divided into two sides, Fire Vs. Water, and the competition has erupted all over the island. Sensei has announced that new powers for fire and water have awakened - the ability to control the weather.

"Students, old and new, hear me!" Sensei announced from the Stadium. "The elements of Fire and Water have revealed their true powers! Now when ninjas gather and summon the element, they can change the weather. The skies themselves shall respond to your power!" Sensei demonstrated with a special Water Ninja Dance. Suddenly the skies filled with storm clouds, and it began to rain. "Fire and Water Ninjas can now gather and compete everywhere! This is a bold sign. I am very proud of you all! Let us now choose our sides and battle more powerfully than ever!" The Card-Jitsu party is until December 6.


Fire Vs. Water!


The rivalry between Fire and Water is heating up in the member-exclusive ninja Head Quarters. We interviewed a ninja from each side for comment.

"Water is a great side.... if you need a BATH!" Said a fire ninja. "But if you're looking to win the target challenge - join fire!"

"Water beats fire, flame-brain!" the Water Ninja responded. "A single master of Water can defeat many Fire Ninjas!"

"Mwahaha think again!" the Fire Ninja retorted. "Your over-confidence will be your downfall.Fire Ninjas work as a team, and will defeat Water no problem!"

"Well them, may the best side win." the Water Ninja said lifting a water balloon.

"Oh we WILL," the Water Ninja added raising a bottle of hot sauce in the air. Members can now enter the Ninja Headquarters and join the rivalry. Be prepared for battle.



Now: Battle of the Ancient Shadows

Dec. 1: New Pin, Penguin Style

Dec. 8: Snow and Sports Catalog!


Super pumped to get my ninja on! How bout you?

Waddle On CPL!



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