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Club Penguin Times Issue #320

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Coins For Change Is Coming!



Generous penguins everywhere are saving up for Coins For Change. "Last year we filled the whole lighthouse with coins!" said one construction worker. "We hope everyone can give more this year. After all, we make a HUGE difference to others around the world."

"Each year, our coins help decide how we support three special causes," said the worker. "Together, we protect the Earth, build safe places and give medical help to others around the world. This is the fifth year of Coins for Change, and we're going to raise more than ever! If we fill the Lighthouse, I've heard the donation will double - to $2 Million! Even my puffle is helping! We're earning coins together in Pufflescape." Start saving now - Coins for Change starts December 15.


The Ice Rink Is Back!


Sparkley ice skater are skating circles around hockey players at the Stadium. "I'm practicing my jumps," said one figure skater. "Check this out!" she said as she landed a triple axel - right in front of a hockey goalie. "Yeah it's great." said the goalie. "I wish those figure skating outfits weren't so sparkly. They're so bright, I can't see the hockey puck!" Get the latest sporting gear in the Snow and Sports catalog at the stadium. Lace up your skates and hit the ice!


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