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This Week's 101 Days Of Fun, And Upcoming Events

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The 101 Days Of Fun is still going on in Club Penguin. Here is the list to do for this week:


July 2: Put on your Tour Guide hat and lead a new penguin around the island, teaching them everything to know about Club Penguin! If you are not a Tour Guide, take a tour!


July 3: Sensei's at the hideout! Wear your belt around the island and let everyone know that the Sensei has come to visit.


July 4: Celebrate under the fireworks by getting your penguin buddies together at the Iceberg, and then forming lines of different colors. Then... dance!


July 5: Go to the Forest and pretend to be an animal! Try to get 10 different animals together, and pretend to have your own zoo!


July 6: Travel! Log in and choose the French language! Waddle around and say "Bonjour"!


July 7: Do mission 1 and look for a hidden penguin by the Ice Rink. If you are not a penguin secret agent, join by clicking the "M" at the top of your screen and take the quiz!


July 8: "You Decide"! Head to the Whats New Blog, and help choose and item for the August Penguin Style catalog!


All seems pretty cool right now right? Anyway, here are the Upcoming events.


July 3 - July 5: Meet the Sensei at the Ninja Hideout!


July 3 - August 6: New Penguin Style Catalog!


July 10 - August 13: Ruby And The Ruby Stage Is Back!!!


July 3 - July 16: New Pin!


July 17: MUSIC JAM!!! (Finally)


Wow... can't wait for the penguin style catalog tomorrow!!!



#1 Taco Peace 2009-07-02 18:40
i cant wait until the music jam!!!!

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