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Coins For Change Results!

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Ok so alot of new and exiting thigs are comming out today, and one of them are the results for all the coins we have donated to 3 charities; medical, , and, . Today Club Penguin will show us how much money we raised for the 3 charaties.




The first one is Medical Help:



$640,000 will go torward hospitals, health clinics, clean water projects and more.


The second one is Environment:



$740,000 will go torward endangered animals, natural habitats and more.


And the thirs one is Safe Places:



$620,000 will go torward schools, shelters, playgrounds and more.


WOW! We have donated alot of coins for other people and animals! We are all so generous! You donated your coins that you earned to someone else in need. Good job! And have happy new year!



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