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Club Penguin Times Issue #324

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Coins for Change Results Are In!



The results are in! Every coin from this year's Coins For Change has been counted and the final tally is rocking the island! "Get to the Beach right away," said one volunteer. "The results are posted by the Lighthouse. Gadzooks! I can't believe how much we raised. Can you?'

This year, there were more reasons than ever to take part in Coins For Change. Last year's $1 million donation was doubled to $2 million when volunteers filled the Lighthouse.

"I felt this was an important year to get involved," one volunteer said. "I was really inspired by the Earth Day Party a few months ago, and I've been looking for more ways to help others."

"This proves that anyone can help make a difference," said a pirate. "Maybe you think 100 coins isn't very much, but when lots of penguins get involved, 100 coins can quickly become 100,000."

The final results and information on how the $2 million dollars will be shared are posted at the Beach. And to everyone who pitched in and helped, thank you and congradulations from the Club Penguin Times.


Twelfth Fish With a Twist


Twelfth fish is coming back to the stage on January 12 - but with a special surprise. The classic play has a new script, written by a mystery writer. He agreed to an anonymous interview.

"First let me say, even though this is my first play, I'm no rookie," the writer said. "Well, actually I AM sort of a Rookie. But I'm not a rookie rookie. What was the question?"

The new script turns the play into more of a quest. The writer says he was inspired by "....Fish actually!"

"I kept thinking - why was it called the Twelfth Fish? Where are the other eleven fish? What in the world is a 'countess'? I think my new script answers those questions nicely. I hope everyone enjoys it!"

Drop by the stage on January 12 to check out the new spin on this classic play.


Upcoming events:


Now: Penguin Style Catalog, Coins for Change Results

Jan 12: New Pin, Twelfth Fish Play, Party announcement!


Well, it MUST be Rookie who re-wrote the play. Oh gosh. What will next week bring us? Waittttt.... does that mean Rookie will be here next week?......

Waddle On CPL!



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