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Club Penguin Times Issue #325

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New Expedition Announcement!



Attention Explorers! On Jan 26. a new expedition is coming to the island-which will take members underneath the island! Rookie, noted EPF agent and April Fool, is planning the event. He announced the first detail this week...

"Grab your swimsuits," said Rookie. "Oh and like some air. Like scuba tanks? Yea those! Because we're going where no penguin has gone before."

Acording to Rookie, there could be undiscovered underwater caverns beneath the island. Some caverns may have treasure or ancient artifacts.

"When I was asked to plan this year's expedition, I got really excited! So I thought long and hard about it. Then I rested for a while. Then I had a sandwich. Then I had a great idea! I'm making ALL the arangements. No need to worry. Just get our your explorer hats and be ready for the adventure on Jan. 26"


Twelfth Fish at The Stage


The Twelfth Fish play is back at the stage - this time with a twist! A new script has been written by Rookie, a big fan of plays... and fish.

"I love the stage!" he said in an interview. "You can be an actor, or a director, or an usher, or an audience! There are lot's of buttons to push, and costumes to wear. They don't let me push buttens anymore, though."

When asked about the re-write, Rookie revealed his inspiration. "Well first I looked at all the characters. there's this Twelfth fish see? I started to wonder where the other eleven fish where...That's when I noticed the countess character wasn't counting anything. At that point, the play pretty much wrote itself." Join the twelfth fish production starting this week at the stage.



And the upcoming events



Now: Twelfth fish play

Jan. 19: Better igloos catalog

Jan 26. Postcard, new pin, underwater expedition



Are you ready for the underwater expedition? It looks like fun :D



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