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Club Penguin Times Issue #328

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Fashion Show On NOW!



The island's first ever fashion show is on now! Fashionable penguins and puffles are flocking to the GIft Shop for a chance to show off their style. Models are walking the runway, while stylists, designers and bodygards are busy backstage


One reporter spoke to Cadence in the middle of the action. "Even if you've got like, ONE hat, you NEED to get down here! It's a party, pure and simple. Woah! We need more photographers! Check out all these amazing looks. So epic!" The latest Penguin Style catalog is jam-packed with the latest trends. There are lots of styles to choose from - perfect for rocking the runway. Set some trends at the Gift Shop, now until Feb. 14
Rookie Reports: Island is Fixed
The isalnd is back to normal this week, after nearly tipping over due to a mistake by Rookie. The party-planning secret agent gave a full report on the accident. "First off - thanks to everyone who helped save the isalnd!" Rookie said. "Everything is back to normal now. Tell your friends, if they haven't noticed." The accident was caused when Rookie ordered thousands of anvils to the Beach. His plan was to sink part of the island so divers could explore underwater. It seems things got a little out of hand. "Luckily we got to explore some awesome mysterious caves!" Rookie said happily. "And it's not like anything SUPER important got lost, or escaped or anything... I'll be WAY more careful in the future. Thanks again!"
Upcoming events:
Now: Penguin style, Fashion Show
Feb. 9 The Vikings that Time Forgot, New pin
Feb. 16 Better Igloos Catalog
Waddle On CPL!


#1 Rizwan 2012-03-20 04:36
Ill mail u the vid the orther csasie has a 18 part love story and alot of people kept copying her she said people kept copying her and saying it was other idea when it was hers so ya
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