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EPF Field Op Mission #71

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A new Field Op came out! Lets see what G has to say...



The Herbert investigation has hit a dead end. We have no idea where Herbert is. So we're going to try something different. Go to the EPF antenna on top of the Ski Hill, and broadcast a message. Lock onto Herberts phone, and ask him if he is all right.

Ok! lets go to the Ski Hill





Signal detected!  Break the code! Scan symbols to find the right combination! Green = correct yellow = the symbol is in the wrong spot and Red = the symbol wont be used at all in the correct combonation.


Herbert said: Greetings. You've reached the voice mail of Herbert P Bear, Esquire. I can't come to the phone right now. I'm a busy super genius, you know. Leave a message after the beep... if you dare! MWA AH HA! BEEEEEEEP





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