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Club Penguin Times Issue #336

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Hi guys! I'm back. I know I have been gone for over a month, but I needed to take a break. I am back now and posting will resume to normal. Thank you Jamie5156 for help :)


Anyways here's the new Club Penguin Times:


April Fools Day Party!



"HAPPY HALLOWEEN" Rookie declared as the April Fool's Day Party kicked off. "Wait! I meant April Fools! Sorry - I'm super excited to look for the home of the orange puffles. And go to the dimension FILLED WITH CANDY! Go to the Snow Forts to join in or click this button to learn more" ;-)



Already April-foolish explorers are reporting unusual activity. And a few members have mentioned being shrunk to the size of a puffle. "The rules for April Fools are easy" Rookie explained. "If you see a portal jump in it! If you see a sandwich eat it!" With the many boxes of the Box Dimension opened once more, many wacky worlds are waiting to be explored. Some dimensions are strange, and some are sweet. One is filled entirely with stairs. "Oh and one more thing," Rookie added. ".... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!"


There's also the most crazy igloo contest!



Upcoming events:



Forever and ever and ever: April Fools Party

In 7 weeks: Medieval Party 2012

In 9 months: Holiday Party

In 1 Year: Puffle Party 2013


Waddle On CPL!


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