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Club Penguin Times Issue #343

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Dragon King Conquers!


Chapter 1 - Darkness has fallen on the land. A ferocious dragon named Scorn has conquered the island and proclaimed himself king. Now he rules from the top of the Mountain of Misery. And unless the chosen heroes rise against him, Club Penguin may never be free again...

And there are many dangers to fear. Servants of Scorn have conquered the Underground. A fierce hydra and a red dragon now dwell within those dungeons and stolen much of the king's treasure. As  for the Dragon King himself, he has already destroyed two kingdoms, The Royal Kingdom and the legendary Sky Kingdom lie in ruins for resisting Scorn's rule. Only folk fromt he four remaining kingdoms are left. The dragons of Dragon Peak, the wizards of the Mushroom Kingdom, the fairies of the Fairy Wood, and the penguins of the Kingdom Town. These kingdoms must band together, and find the heroes chosen to defeat Scorn, before it's too late.... The next Chapter of this story begins on May 24
Wanted: Heroes!
Scribed by the Wizard Gary - Hear ye hear ye, members chosen heroes of Club Penguin! Wherever you are listen closely for your time has come. The Dragon King things hes unstoppable - but he is not! He can be defeated with a little magic and a lot of bravery. If you have that courage you must go on a grand quest. Search the kingdoms for three magic items, find the secret path to the mountain of misery and face Scorn. Members we are counting on you to take this quest.Go now to the Town Center, and begin your journey. And Scorn if you're reading this - we WILL defeat you! Ha ha! So says the great Wizard Gary!
Now; Fairy Fables, Pin, Medieval Party
May 24 Chapter 2
May 31 Penguin Style Catalog
Waddle ON!

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