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Since Ruby And The Ruby is coming back to the stage, Club Penguin wanted to know: What's your favorite thing to do at the Stage? They picked Limelight12's response.

Here is what Limelight12 said:

My favorite thing to do at the Stage is to become part of the cast. I love to look at the scrpit and see which character I want to be, and pick out their costume. It's very fun to act onstage! I can be anything; a fairy, a princess, a detective... it's all there! It's also fun to make new friends in the play with me! Thanks for the update! Waddle on!


Club Penguin Stage
Club Penguin Stage


Thanks Limelight12!


Next week, since the Music Jam is coming back, the team wants to know: How are you and your friends getting ready for Music Jam Party?

Get ready for the Music Jam! It's coming very soon!

'Till then... ROCK ON!!!


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