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CPL You! Introducing Our Featured Penguin Sadie1823

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Club Penguin Land Sadie1823 ImageRemember when we had that Sensei tracker last week, and the person who commented the most was to be our first "CPL You!" Star? Well, let's give a special thanks to Sadie1823, for helping us find Sensei many times last week! We asked her a series of questions about her penguin and here is what we found out about her.


Sadie1823, is a Club penguin lover, just like you. To make her money, she usually plays the game "Dance Contest", and to this day, her penguin is 330 days old. She loves to go to parties, and she usually plays on CP for at least an hour a day. Her favorite party from Club Penguin is Music Jam, and she loves all of the Club penguin characters, especially Cadence, and Sensei. Often times you can find Sadie1823 on the servers Mammoth, or Abominable in the Cave or the Town, wearing the Funster wig, Blue Dazzle dress with the matching shoes, and the pearl necklace. So where did her username come from you might ask? She said she went through a baby name book, found a name she liked and added a number to it! Pretty cool idea!


Thanks again Sadie1823, for helping us find Sensei, and thanks for being our first CPL You! Star.


We will have more of these soon so keep on watching... who knows, you may be our next "CPL You!" Star!!!


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