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Happy77 Talks To A Party Planner About Anniversary Party

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Awesome! The fourth Club Penguin Anniversary Party is coming this Saturday! Along with playing in the Town and the Coffee Shop, there will be a big cake, a new yearbook, and a new party hat!


Club Penguin Party Penguin

Club Penguin Party Penguin


Is it challenging to make such a HUGE cake for the Anniversary Party? Doesn't it make you hungry?
It sure does. That is why being a cake maker requires extreme self control (but I did go home and make a giant cake anyhow...)!


What's your fave party from the past year & why?
Definitely the Medieval party! Putting on my fish knight costume and waddling amongst the dragons and fellow gallant adventurers was an experience of epic proportions!


Lots of readers are really curious about the colors of the party hat this year. What can you tell us?
Haha, part of being a super party planner is not revealing secrets. What I can tell you is that it's my favorite color combination ever! So I'm super excited to share! But not 'til Saturday.


I can't wait for this party!  It is going to rock! :)


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