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Happy77 Talks Card Jitsu

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As you know, ninjas have started to use Goldsmith. They have guessed that we are taking a break from goldsmithing by playing card jitsu. Here's some of the Club Penguin team's favorite moments.


Card Jitsu

Card Jitsu

Q. Tell us your greatest Card-Jitsu moment.
A. Well my absolute favorite moment was helping a group of penguins train for their black belt. It took 20 matches, 2 hours, and 1 extra large pizza with hot sauce, but it was worth it!

Q. What does it take to beat Sensei?
A. It takes good advice from your ninja buddies - also practice.

Q. I don't have a black belt yet (I want one - they remind me of licorice). What's your fave part of being a black-belt ninja?
A. The best thing about being a black belt ninja is the thrill of defeating - or even being defeated by - a worthy opponent. Putting out that last card and waiting...

Coolz... what do you think CP is planning for us?


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