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Last week Club Penguin asked us: How will you be decorating your igloo this year? They got a lot of great tips. Here's one from Coolfiregirl:


When it comes to decorating I get creative!! Some tips that i can give you is that do something different than everybody else. Instead of buying the Snow Globe igloo like all of your friends you could buy the Restaurant Igloo and decorate it with holiday themed items and serve some hot chocolate!!! Also put some up-beat music and dance! What makes your igloo unique is that you decorate it with your style, not like everybody else's! Enjoy decorating and happy holidays!!!!!


Igloo Decorating

Igloo Decorating


That's so cool! I never thought of the restaurant igloo that way before. Great advice!

This week's question is: Tell us what you're looking forward to most of all in the New Year in Club Penguin! I know what I'm looking forward to... a new year full of excitement, adventure, and fun!


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