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New Club Penguin Falgs Avalible To All Players; Puffle Furniture Sneak Peek?

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Cool! The page flag in the Club Penguin Style catalog is never updated. This page now has more flags including Haiti! Cool!





The big news is that non members are allowed to buy this now! Awesome! Go Non Members!

Also when I went to go get pictures of the Club penguin Style catalog this morning I noticed that there is a next log in page! It has lots of puffle and what's that in the corner? It Looks like the picture Club penguin gave us a sneak peek of a couple of days ago....



Could this really be the new puffle item? Coolz.... 



#2 hehe1702 2010-09-27 16:54
i think ur right
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#1 buttercup 2010-02-08 14:13
i think they should have a pin for haiti. then they could send money for haiti.i wonder who came up with that pin.
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