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Hey It's Sk8tergrl483 here to give you the Club Penguin news:


First off the Penguin Play Awards will be wrapping up on March 28, so cast your vote if you haven't already! Then the winning play will be out on March 30.


The day after the new play comes into "play" the best party of the year will be here! Yup that's right the April Fool's day party will be here on April 1st! I think I'll be pranking my teachers that day ;-)



I can't wait I have always loved that party!


Also the Mine Caves will be open from now on! Yay!



And the upcoming events are:


March 26: New Pin and Music

March 30: winners of the Penguin Play Awards are announced

April 1: New Penguin Style Catalog, and April Fool's Day Party



These couple of weeks are going to be awesome! I can't wait!



#1 mac mouse 1 2010-03-25 19:12
yay mine is permenenty open :-)
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