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Club Penguin 'Go Green" Reviewed By You!

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Last week Club Penguin wanted to know what green stuff you've been doing with your buddies. Here's what Surfer3r said:

Me and my buddies always check out anything new on the island! We love to explore new rooms and play new games! We think the new outfits rock and we always wear them, especially the Green Hard Hat and the green suit with the water hose! It's so much fun, I never ever want it to end! Waddle on Club Penguin!



Thanks Surfer3r!

This week club penguin wants to know what you're doing to celebrate Earth Day! BTW The Earth Day party is coming up to! Yay!



#4 mike toes 2011-06-23 13:17
go green every day do not litter you can kill fish and others and plants
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#3 mike toes 2011-04-07 22:42
on the new catalog cool stuff this is in 2011 ok have fun
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#2 mike toes 2011-04-07 22:40
go to the cove and fill up a water can ifis still a little full you can put it on your plants or make in cove
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#1 123s94 2010-04-15 17:06
hey its 123s94 this is sooo cool im goin log in to cp it rokcs da house ya bye waddle on cp
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