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EPF Agent???

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Ok well we all are mad about herbert blowing the PSA systems... Maybe we will all become EPF agents. Here's some clues that gave me that idea:


First off on the HOMEPAGE of Club Penguin, remember where there was a PSA agent who dropped his spyphone? Well now there's this funny looking device:



That and it you click on it here's what you get:



Yea I know. Will that be out new outfit??

Also if you go to the PSA HQ, see the sign that is the todo list? Well look at this:



EPF! An anagram! lol so yea...

what do you think? I think I have a good shot at it.



#4 stormguy100 2010-11-28 11:02
i need to be in the epf
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#3 ......... 2010-05-26 18:24
When will EPF come in club penguin?
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#2 dodo dolphin 2010-05-25 03:06
i dont know where it is
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#1 Jack 2010-05-24 15:24
im not sure......... its stupid how you have to buy the ds game!!!! this is my first jip on club penguin
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