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Club Penguin Times Issue: 247 Music Jam Edition!

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Music Jam!



Page A2 talks music. Here's some stuff you will be able to do at the Music Jam:



  • Form A Band
Get your friends and some instruments. Big or small Music Jam needs BANDS!!!
  • Judge
Have an ear for music? Perfect. You're a judge. Get in a booth, and share your wisdom.
  • Busk
Enjoy a smaller scene? Then try your flipper at busking. Open your guitar case and play for smaller crowds around the Town.
  • Dance

If you prefer to move to the beat, then put on those dancing shoes. Those dance floors aren't going to fill themselves!


Page A4 Talks about Conga Lines and how to make them. Here's how:



Step 1 and 2



Step 3 and 4



On page B1 The in focus section is about the Ski Village and Mountain

On page B8 the Top secrets is this this week:



On Page C5 this week's game is a word search. Here's the picture you get when you complete it:





And last but not least, the Upcoming Events:



July 9: New Mail

July 15: Better Igloo Catalog and Igloo Upgrades, New Pin, and New Instruments Avalible

July 23: Underwater Adventure's Play


Well that's about it! I can't wait until the Music Jam!


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