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ATTENTION!!!!!! This Message Is To Non-members!!!

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Non-members... I am just warning you:


Today is the day the new stamps come out, a new feild op possibly and locked games... the locked games part doesn't sound like fun right... Well this is true. MOST GAMES TODAY WILL BE LOCKED FOR NONMEMBERS... You will still be able to play the game but like Agua Grabber, soda seas, or Jet Pack Adventures has five levels.. maybe three of them  may be avalible...


This is really sad Club Penguin to see so many of the games go for members only. They should still have all the games and levels for everyone but have like a special level at the end for members but locking the ENTIRE game? CP you're shutting the door of many of your fans :(



#2 Massie Block 2010-07-31 19:58
I am a member and I think it is funny to see nonmembers be strippen of their privelages we pay they don't, so it is fair. Ha ha! Die nonmembers!
#1 ?? 2010-07-27 11:45
isnt fare

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