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Helping Out Reviewed By You!

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Last week Club Penguin wanted to know what you were doing in your community to make a difference. Here's what Reenabean98 said:


I love to help make a difference. My favorite way to help is by growing my hair! When my hair is 10 inches longs, I braid it and send it to Locks of Love, and they make it into a wig for people with cancer. It gives me a new look and I feel great that I did something good for someone else!



Omg! I did that too! Every year I donate hair in the summer. One because its a good look to start off the school year and too It helps make wigs! That and my hair grows out SUPER DUPER fast! lol!

Since the Fall Fair will be returning soon Club Penguin wants to know what your looking forward too!

I think I'm looking forward to playing mini-games, earning tickets and gaining prizes! I just can't wait!


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