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Happy 77 Talks About Wii!

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Club Penguin Game Day Wii comes out in September! Wahoo! I can't wait! And she's going to answer a few questions next Sunday... from who you may ask?



Well its from YOU! Yes you! Have a question about Club Penguin Game Day? Well just leav Happy 77 a question and next Sunday she'll answer it! Pretty cool right?


I have a question Happy 77! Will we be able to sync every clothing items we get on the Wii to our online account like we can do with our coins on Herberts Revenge?


according to this apperently we will have a yellow team soon!


Will there be a yellow team on club penguin now? Sweet can't wait to get this!


P.S. Waddle On Penguins

August 29, 2010 5:13 PM
Happy77 said

You'll be seeing yellow on Club Penguin really soon... :) Stay tuned - Billybob's gonna give you a sneak peek of September in the next little while.


Cool! a sneak peek soon! Cant wait!


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