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Club Penguin Fairy Fable Returns To The Stage!

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Fairy Fables Has returned to the stage!



Here's the stage:



And the cheats in the trunk:



Here's how to find the Sliver Wand:

1. Go to the first page

2. Click on the radio



You have now found the Silver Wand!

Do you like Fairy Fables?



#8 lollipop299 2010-09-25 04:59
This game is fun and awesome because its more funner then Wizard 101!
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#7 Sheesh4 2010-09-22 07:48
on the question corner icon on the side. click it, and you will see all the previous and the current question corner.
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#6 MagicWand124 2010-09-18 14:10
oh where is the question corner????????? ?!
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#5 Sheesh4 2010-09-18 09:13
oopsies. i mean to say fairy fables before, but i accidentally said #### :P
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#4 Sheesh4 2010-09-18 06:33
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#3 chelsea fl 2010-09-17 23:35
i am not a member aswel
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#2 Sheesh4 2010-09-17 15:50
Yes. I like Fairy Fables. i purchased the player card backround, but that is all i am allowed to purchase, cause i am not a member.
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#1 Sheesh4 2010-09-16 15:23
Cool! Thanks for sharing!
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