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Scary Costume Reviewed By You!

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Last week, CP wanted to know what your favorite scary costume was. Here's wat Evie Mary said:

My favourite costume is all the scary costumes mixed together. I might wear the ghost costme with bumble bee antennas and frankenstein feet with the fairy wings. It might not be really scary but it is fun to waddle around with all my buddies trick or treating and looking all muddled up!!! Waddle On CP!!!!!


That's so cool! Thanks Evie Mary!


This week CP would like to hear how you're decorating your igloo for Halloween! Well I can already show you mine :)






#1 Sheesh4 2010-10-07 13:38
I don't have any "Halloween themed" decorations! I'm surprised there are none, but there aren't, and I just became a member, and have not had the chance to collect any former Halloween decorations over the years because of that.
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