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Club Penguin Times Issue: 279!

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Puffle Party in Full Swing!



Puffles and Penguins are taking the party to a higher level - a higher FLOOR to be exact. Members have been riding the new elevator (built by brown puffles) Up to the night club roof. It turns out Brown Puffles aren't just great inventors, they are great dancers too! While the dance-off rages above, party goers with two left feet are celebrating the other way. Proud puffle owners are showing off their puffles in the Puffle Show!


Wow! I can't belive brown puffles built an ELEVATOR! Do you think the roof will stay? Coolio!


Brown Puffles in STYLE!



Wow! You can now adopt a brown puffle! I'm gonna go get more! But fist the upcoming events:



Now off to jam at the party! See you guys there!



#1 jessica 2011-07-14 11:51
have u seen my penguin its lucy 279
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