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Club Penguin Times Issue #285 April Fools Edition

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Box Dimention Cant Be Mapped



Mapping the new Box Dimention rooms have been more challeging than expected." i can only conferm that I'm completely confused,"said a mapkeeper. to keep the wackiness boxed in,the newly discovered rooms will close on April 4 when the party ends. Charting the Box Dimension turned out to be tough. "I made some great notes in the Stair Room," said the mapmaker. "But when I looked at them later, they maked no sense!" "Down was up and up was down... and I drew all these arrows. I'm so muddled!"  Candy Land was tricky too. "How could I map with so many delicious distractions?"  "Each line I drew looked like licorice. Every circle I traced reminded me of a doughnut!" The doodle dimension, was another challenge: "I didn't feel quite like muself," said the mapmaker. "I don't think I looked like myself either." "Exploring it all was really fun, but it's so easy to get lost in the new rooms." "We've got to box that wackiness in, but until the party ends I'm gonna enjoy it!" The April Fools' Foolishness ends April 4 - after that, all silliness is presumed normal.


St. Partrick's Igloo Contest!



And here's the upcoming events:



Awwwww.... I don't want the April Fool's day party to end... :(


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