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Club Penguin Times Issue #289!

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Hark Ye! New Penguin Style!



Gary is working with costume designers to develop medieval looks for this month's penguin style catalog. "although I am not able to attend the party," Gary said.

"I hope that medieval attire will be suitably anachronistic! In other words, I'd like the costumes to look right." Armor will be forged with genuine chain mail." Gary said. "Dresses will be made from the finest silk!" Gary can't the party because (according to roumors) he's busy working on a three part project. "Gary's been such a big help." said a costume designer. "He's helping me select just the right metal. You never know when you might need flame proof armour!" "we're working on princess hats too." she said. "These will be the princess-iest hats yet!" Look for all the medieval costumes in ye olde gift shop on May 6!


Master New Stamps!



Stamp books are now updated with two pages of new stamp challenges. We interviewed one extreme stamps

expert who was trying to earn the pizza master. "I only need to serve 40 pizzas!" he said while flinging ingredients

over pizza crusts. "I've got it just as long as I don't mess up. Wait I forgot... was that seeweed or squid?" "Either

way I hope I don't have to eat all these pizzas or else I would be as stuffed as my stamp book!"


And the upcoming events!




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wow reli is genial mm ingles verda

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