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Club Penguin Times Issue #290!

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Prepare Ye Kingdom To Party!



"Medieval Merriment is on its way," said a planner. "we've got some magic up our sleeves, but to pull this off, We'll need help from the entire kingdom. We are working on quests, puzzles, and some scaly surprises..."

With the success of last year's medieval party, planners are calling on every knight and princess in the land. "Whether your skills lie in decorating or dragon taming, we bid you to help!" she said. "We want to transform the whole island. From the tip top of Ski Hill, to the depths of the Hidden Lake!" With everyone's coorperation, party planners hope to begin construction of the kingdom on May 13.


Forsooth Fine Fashion!



Medieval fashiosn have been revealed at the gift shop. Princess hats, royal robes, and golden chains can all be

found in this month's Penguin Style catalog. Costume designers worked closely with Gary the Gadget Guy to create authentic looks. Although he won't be attending the party, Gary reports he is pleased the way the costumes turned out... "Not only is the armor flame resistant," Gary said," it is also effective cover from hydra, cerberus, basilisks - that sort of thing..." Designers also made many fine details. "Our robes are made of the softest fabrics," said one dressmaker. "Only the finest silk was used. As for the silk, the more beads - the better!" Gather all the new noble look by setting out to ye olde gift shop now!


And the upcoming events:



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