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Club Penguin Times Issue #291!

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Kingdom Construction Hath Begun!



Gather ye workers! Everyone is rallying to medievalize the island. Jesters we spotted telling jokes at the Beach, while knights and princesses have been preparing the decorations. A few brave penguins have even started tasting the hot sauce in the Underground Pool...

"These hotness levels are off the chart," said one taste tester.  "It's too bad the pool has been drained - I could really use some water!"  "Gary tells us to measure the hot sauce for 'fiery effect' whatever that means." "All I know is this stuff is hot hot hot!" Taste testers with a high tolerence for fiery flavors should report to the Underground Pool now. " We need to test all the hot sauce before the party begins on May 20!"


Hmmm that's funny... In last week's paper I can swear they said May 13.... Friday the 13th... EEEEEP! LOL


Epic Igloos!


New medieval castles and igloo items are the talk of the kingdom. Brave knights and royal rulers have been

browsing the latest catalog's from their igloos: "The Dragon's Lair provides supreme security," said one knight.

"No one will chance taking my treasure with these guards keeping watch." "But if they do these trap doors I've

installed will surely trip them up." Ice castles seem to be popular with royalty. "This palace meets all my ruling

needs," said a queen. "My commands echo nicely throughout the entire castle." "I've added some elegant plants

too - they're almost as stylist as myself!" Construct you castle with the new Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrade

catalogs - out now!


There's also the upcoming events:



So what do you think about the new party coming soon? Leave your comments below and rate this post! I love getting your feedback!




#1 lizzie67231 2011-05-16 02:19
i cant wait! this is my first medieval party!
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