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Herbert is Coming to the Medieval Party on Thursday?

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I haven't been posting since Friday because of internet problems, but I'm back now and when I logged onto CP today, there were a ton of messages waiting for me. We left off with Jet Pack guy doing a fly by at the cove so here is everything after that:


BZZZK! Calculations Complete: The only way the EPF could have known about our location was if the polar bear told them.Correct?


That's right you mechanical menacel! I should have never rebuilt you! I want to DEFEAT the Elite Penguin Fools, not destroy them!



Reclassifying - polar bear is now our enemy. System damage unrepairable. Retreating until a new engineer can

be located. BZZZK.



Mwa ha ha! All too easy! Now that Proto-blunder is out of the way I can begin my NEW plan! Prepare "ye fools",

for I "cometh" soon.



Yo, I KNEW we couldn't trust you Herbert! I dare you to show your face at the Medieval Party - we're ready for you

anytime, anyplace!



Wow! Better keep your eyes open for Herbert! We don't know what'll happen next!



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